Manufacture of a Controlled Substance

The term “manufacture” means the production, preparation, propagation, compounding, conversion, or processing of a controlled substance other than marijuana, directly or indirectly by extraction from substances of natural origin, independently by means of chemical synthesis, or by a combination of extraction and chemical synthesis, and includes the packaging or repackaging of the substance or labeling or relabeling of its container.

The term “manufacture” does not, however, include the preparation, compounding, packaging, or labeling of a controlled substance under the following circumstances:

  • by a practitioner as an incident to the practitioner’s administering or dispensing a controlled substance in the course of professional practice; or
  • by a practitioner, or by an authorized agent under the supervision of the practitioner, for or as an incident to research, teaching, or chemical analysis and not for delivery.

Penalties for Manufacturing Drugs in Texas

Crimes for manufacturing drugs in Texas can involve a minimum punishment of confinement in jail for a term of not more than two (2) years or less than 180 days, and a fine not to exceed $10,000. The statutory maximum penalty for these offenses can include confinement in Texas State Prison for life or for a term of not more than 99 years nor less than 15 years, and a fine not to exceed $250,000.

Attorney for Drug Manufacturing Crimes in San Antonio, TX

If you were arrested for the manufacturing or delivering controlled substances in the greater San Antonio area, then contract an experienced criminal defense attorney at Flanary Law Firm, PLLC. Don Flanary represents clients throughout Bexar County and the surrounding areas including Kendall County, Comal County, Guadalupe County, Wilson County, Atascosa County, Medina County, and Bandera County.

Don Flanary also represents clients for serious drug offenses in San Antonio, TX, including possession of controlled substances, possession with intent to deliver, and drug crimes committed in a drug-free zone.

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This article was last updated on December 29, 2016.

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