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Flanary Law FIrm - From Left to Right: Carolyn Bergamine, Zoe Russell, Donald Flanary, Amanda Hernandez

Donald H. Flanary III

Donald H. Flanary IIIDonald H. Flanary, III. started the Flanary Law Firm after honing his craft as a Associate Attorney of the renown San Antonio criminal defense firm Goldstein, Goldstein & Hilley.

Don began with Goldstein in 2003 as a Law Clerk while studying at St. Mary’s University School of Law, and recognizing his natural talent, the firm hired Don as associate immediately upon receiving his law license in 2004.

That began a successful career where Don undertook all types of criminal cases under the tutelage of Gerry Goldstein and Van Hilley, including a number of high profile large-scale federal drug trafficking and white collar cases as well as serious sexual assault cases. After thirteen years with the firm, Don made the decision to begin his own practice—the Flanary Law Firm—with an office in San Antonio’s King William District.

Bringing along some core staff from Goldstein and several clients, Don started up in November 2016.

His mission is to provide the highest level of service in complex situations to a handful of very important clients.

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Amanda Hernandez

Amanda HernandezAmanda Hernandez is an Associate Attorney of the Flanary Law Firm and recent graduate of St. Mary’s University School of Law. Don quickly promoted Amanda from serving as his longtime law clerk to Associate Attorney after she successfully passed the Bar Exam in November 2016.

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Zoe Russell

Zoe RussellZoe Russell is a Law Clerk with the Flanary Law Firm and second-year student at St. Mary’s University School of Law. She assists with research, writing, and specific case management tasks.

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Chad P. Van Brunt

Chad P. Van BruntI grew up in Bryan, Texas. I worked for my father's restaurant while in high school. My father could not afford to pay for college but his business provided me the means to put myself through Texas A&M University.

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