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Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer in Texas

If you or a loved one has been charged with a federal crime in Texas, not just any lawyer will do — you need a federal criminal defense lawyer on your case if you have any hope of walking away with your life intact. Donald Flanary is an experienced, aggressive federal defense lawyer who is not afraid to fight for his clients in a federal court.

Because federal offenses are prosecuted aggressively, and often carry steep penalties, it is imperative that you don’t waste any time. Contact a federal defense lawyer to start building your case today, the prosecution is building theirs.

What are Federal Offenses?

Federal crimes typically incur much harsher penalties than crimes prosecuted in a state court. Federal prosecutors have less discretion in making sentencing decisions and federal judges often follow strict sentencing guidelines set by the federal government. Additionally, not only do federal crimes have a higher maximum penalty than state crimes, but most federal crimes come with additional punishment enhancements.

Federal crimes, which are defined by statutes enacted by the United States Congress, often include drug crimes, white collar crimes that affect interstate commerce or defraud the federal government, serious sex crimes, and immigration offenses. Some criminal offenses violate both state and federal law. In these cases, the United States Attorney’s Office will work with local and state law enforcement agencies to determine whether a case will be filed in state or federal court.

Offenses Prosecuted in Federal Court

Federal sex crimes

Sex crimes typically fall under federal jurisdiction when they cross state lines, involve commerce, or take place on federal land.

  • Child pornography
  • Child exploitation
  • Human trafficking
  • Kidnapping with intent to commit a sex crime
  • Trafficking for prostitution

Federal sex crimes are some of the most serious charges that a person can face, often representing life in prison or relegation to the Texas Sex Offender registry after a 20 year bid — and that is best case scenario. Don’t be convicted for something that you didn’t do. Call an experienced federal sex crimes attorney at Flanary Law Firm today.

White collar crimes

White collar crimes tried in a federal court are often fraud-adjacent. Essentially, fraud occurs when an individual or entity intentionally deceives another in order to gain something of value. Because fraud charges can be brought at the federal or state level, and against either a person or an entity, they require a specialized, aggressive lawyer. Some of the most common white collar federal offenses include:

Federal drug crimes

Although simple drug possession can be prosecuted at the federal level federal level, most federal drug crimes involve drug dealing or manufacturing.

Depending on the amount of the substance in question, you could be looking at decades in prison if you are convicted. Don’t be convicted. Call Donald Flanary, a relentless San Antonio drug trafficking attorney, to defend your freedom today.

Federal immigration crimes

Federal immigration crimes, because of the way in which immigration law and federal laws intersect, are some of the most complex cases tried at the federal level. Immigration related federal offenses carry steep penalties for all residents of the U.S. The most common federal immigration crimes include:

  • Unlawful entry into the United States
  • Remaining in the United States without authority
  • Human smuggling charges
  • Trafficking in passports or entry documents
  • Failure to surrender naturalization certificates
  • Fraudulently acquiring passports
  • Fraudulently acquiring entry documents

Federal firearm crimes

Weapons and firearm crimes account for a large portion of federal charges because weapons and firearms are so strictly regulated by federal law. Some of the most common federal firearm charges include:

  • Possession or use of a firearm in connection with a crime of violence or drug trafficking crime
  • Possession of a firearm by a convicted felon
  • Use of firearms or ammunition during a crime
  • Use of fire or explosives to commit a felony
  • Possession of guns or explosives in a federal facility, a school, or on an aircraft
  • Unlawful trafficking in explosives
  • Unlawful possession or transportation of firearms or ammunition

According to the United States Sentencing Commission, in the fiscal year 2015, drug, fraud, firearm and immigration crimes accounted for 81.6 percent of all federal cases reported to the Commission.

What are the Penalties for Federal Crime?

Federal charges vary greatly in nature, but what they all have in common are serious consequences. If you are charged with a crime at the federal level and convicted, you can expect a lot more than just a mandatory jail sentence. Penalties for federal crime tend to be more comprehensive, and include punishments like:

  • Prison sentence (served in federal penitentiaries)
  • Fines
  • Probation
  • Loss of voting rights
  • Loss of right to own firearms
  • Travel restrictions
  • Sex offender registration
  • Ineligibility for to hold office in federal or local government
  • Loss of visa or residency status
  • Denial or citizenship

Being convicted of a federal offense is a life-altering ordeal. Avoiding a conviction is the only hope the accused have of retaining their freedom, rights, and quality of life.

How can a Federal Defense Lawyer Help Win My Case?

Your attorney, after confidentially discussing the details of your case, can discuss with you your options, whether they be:

  • Fighting the criminal charges based on actual innocence
  • Fighting the criminal charges based on insufficient evidence or illegally obtained evidence seized either with or without a warrant
  • Cooperating with the Federal Government during the earliest stages of the case
  • Entering into plea negotiations with the prosecutor to minimize the possible sentence imposed in your case

After you retain a federal defense lawyer, they will meet with the case agent and prosecutor to discuss:

  • Evidence that is favorable to your defense or shows your actual innocence
  • What federal charges, if any, will be filed against you
  • Whether motions to dismiss or motions to suppress evidence can be filed
  • Whether a plea agreement can be reached before formal federal charges are filed against you

A specialized federal attorney will know how to work with federal prosecutors, who are known as Assistant United States Attorneys, to ensure that their client is treated fairly by the system. Federal crimes in the Western District of Texas are prosecuted at one of the four federal judicial districts in Texas. The headquarters of the Western District are in San Antonio. Additional offices are located in Alpine, Austin, Del Rio, El Paso, Midland, and Waco.

Hire a Texas Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer to Defend Your Freedom

Donald Flanary is an experienced, knowledgeable, and aggressive federal defense lawyer, who prides himself of winning for his clients. He knows how to defend federal offenses, and gets results. If you have been charged with a federal crime, defend your life. Call Flanary Law Firm today at 210-880-3931 for a free and confidential consultation.

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