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In the search for a criminal defense attorney, you’ve made it to the right place.

Your case—every criminal case—pits you against State or Federal prosecutors, formidable opponents with virtually unlimited resources at their disposal. Contrary to many peoples’ natural instincts, the government does not want to help you. They don’t want to hear you out. They don’t want to work with you. They want to incriminate you and win a conviction.

At every stage of a criminal case—trial, appeal, and habeas corpus—critical decisions must be made that often have permanent consequences. Hiring a criminal defense attorney may be the most important decision you’ll ever make. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your case in detail. Call the Flanary Law Firm today to schedule a free consultation.

San Antonio Criminal Defense Lawyer

You need a criminal defense attorney who has successfully beaten the government at their own game. Donald H. Flanary, III, voted San Antonio’s 2015 Defender of the Year, thrives in front of a jury, able to tell your story and shine a light on the weakest parts of the government’s case. With over ten years of experience, he’s won numerous trials for sexual assault and intoxication manslaughter, among other charges.

He also knows when to negotiate, when to take advantage of pretrial motions, and when to challenge an underlying statute. Your case may necessitate all of these tactics, yet not every criminal attorney identifies and attacks complex problems, preferring instead to force individual cases into a predetermined mold. Your circumstances may not fit the mold.

About Our Firm

The Flanary Law Firm takes a team approach to our cases.

We fight to protect your rights.

Case Results






Defendant was charged with the intoxication manslaughter of a child who was ejected from another vehicle involved in the accident. The Defendant was alleged to have a 0.15 blood alcohol concentration. Through accident reconstruction at trial we showed that the Defendant could not have caused the wreck, that the officers were extremely biased, and that there were serious problems with the crime lab’s results.






The Defendant was charged with brutally raping and assaulting a woman on a date. We convinced the jury that while the Defendant did engage in consensual sex with the woman, she made up the allegations and even inflected wounds all over her body to frame him and extort him.






The Defendant was charged with sexually touching a child in his home during a party. We convinced the jury that there was no opportunity for him to have been in the same room with the little girl and that he has no sexual motive or interest in children. We called experts that testified that she was subjected to suggestive and contaminating questioning that let to her false out cry.

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Federal Criminal Defense

Federal Districts in Texas

Federal District Map of Texas

The punishments for criminal charges prosecuted in federal court typically involve a much harsher sentence than crimes prosecuted in state court. Federal prosecutors have less discretion in making sentencing decisions and federal judges often follow strict sentencing guidelines. Additionally, not only do federal crimes have a higher maximum penalty than state crimes, but mos

Prosecutors in federal court are known as Assistant United States Attorneys (AUSA). Federal prosecutors work at the direction of the United States Attorney to prosecute criminal cases brought by the federal government against individuals and organizations who violate criminal laws enacted by the United States Congress.

Federal crimes in the Western District of Texas are prosecuted at one of the four federal judicial districts in Texas. The headquarters of the Western District are in San Antonio. Additional offices are located in Alpine, Austin, Del Rio, El Paso, Midland, and Waco.

Stages of a Federal Prosecution

01 Investigation

When our clients become targets of investigations, we aggressively conduct investigations of our own to develop, discover and tell their side of the story.

02 Subpoenas / Warrants

Agents must be meticulous in their applications for the seizure of citizens’ property.

03 Arrest & Bond Issues

We work vigorously from the moment we are contacted to obtain release on bail.

04 Discovery

We have considerate experience and staff to process and understand this information.

05 Motions Practice

We have a very aggressive approach to litigating criminal cases. Our motions practice focuses on substantively making the battlefield at trial the most favorable it can be.

06 Suppression

Fourth amendment law is complex, expansive and ever-changing. A very experienced lawyer can destroy the government’s case with the prudent and strategic use of motions to suppress.

07 Defenses

There are a number of specialized defenses allowed under the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure that are not known by the general public.

08 Plea

Over 90% of federal criminal charges result in guilty pleas.


When defendants do try their cases in federal court, the rules are often stacked against them.

09 Sentencing

The Federal Sentencing Guidelines are lengthy, complex and virtually control the ultimate sentence that will be imposed.


After a jury of our peers has found the Defendant NOT GUILTY his or her freedoms are restored, but he may have been forced to make immeasurable sacrifices.

Cannabis is Prohibited in Texas

It Shouldn’t Be!


Our firm supports the END OF PROHIBITION in the state of Texas, including legislation filed in Austin to allow for medical marijuana, recreational use and decriminalization.

Defending liberty for those charged with marijuana offenses


Marijuana reform and advocacy


NORML Legal Committe Logo

Donald Flanary is an active member of NORML (National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws) and their National Legal Committee.
Comprised of hundreds of attorneys across the United States fighting similar battles to protect the rights of cannabis consumers, the NORML Legal Committee assists the legal community and support each other in pursuit of justice.

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but as warriors.”

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