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Located along the Gulf of Mexico, Corpus Christi is an idyllic Texas city tucked away in a bay. With miles of unspoiled beaches, including North Beach and McGee Beach, locals and tourists alike have fun participating in wind sports like kiteboarding and sailing. Local landmarks like the Texas State Aquarium and Corpus Christi Museum of Science and History allow for hours of cultural excitement, and South Texas Botanical Gardens & Nature Center and Bayfront Park give nature lovers a chance to enjoy the scenery. With a bustling downtown area offering expansive shopping malls and delicious restaurants, it’s hard not to spend an enjoyable afternoon in this city of over 317,000 people.

But unfortunately, even in such a beautiful city with so many attractions, individuals still face criminal charges or accusations they must defend themselves against. If you have found yourself under investigation or facing criminal charges, you deserve to have an experienced team of criminal defense attorneys on your side. Criminal convictions can carry penalties like hefty fines, jail time, and damage to your personal reputation. Our team at Flanary Law Firm, PLLC, can help you build a solid defense strategy to reduce or even remove the charges you are facing. We have experience defending clients in marijuana-related crimes, sexual assault cases, white-collar crimes, domestic violence cases, and more. Our firm has handled complicated and complex defense cases, helping individuals like yourself get their cases dismissed or receive a not-guilty verdict in court. No matter what kind of criminal charges you are facing, we are confident we can assist you.

Our Corpus Christi office is located just outside the Bay Area in the heart of the city off of Highway 358. Feel free to stop by our office, or give us a call at 210-879-8621. We offer free consultations so you can make an informed decision about hiring our team for your defense case. Don’t leave your future and your freedom up to chance. Contact our experienced team today to learn more about our services and how we can help you.

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