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Insurance Fraud

San Antonio Insurance Fraud Lawyers

Insurance fraud is a complex white-collar crime with devastating consequences for those accused. It is associated with deception, misrepresentation, and dishonesty, which can damage one's reputation personally and professionally. 

If you are being investigated for state or federal insurance fraud in or around San Antonio, you need the knowledge, skills, and resources of a reputable and trusted criminal defense firm. At Flanary Law Firm, PLLC, we understand how overwhelming and stressful investigations, arrests, and charges can be. 

Our team of exceptional trial lawyers has built a reputation for highly competent representation for Texans facing such situations. We work to defend client rights, analyze and challenge the prosecution’s arguments, and explore all possible options to achieve optimum results. 

Book a free case assessment with a San Antonio insurance fraud attorney for guidance. Call (210) 899-7566 or contact Flanary Law Firm, PLLC online for an appointment.

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What Is Insurance Fraud?

Insurance fraud occurs by deceiving an insurance company through acts intended to obtain undue insurance benefits or payments. It can be conducted by filing a false claim; this involves knowingly lying about an accident, theft, or other incident to get a payout.

For example, staging an accident to make it look legitimate and collect insurance money is a form of insurance fraud. Manipulating a legitimate claim by padding medical bills or inflating repair costs is also a way of committing fraud. 

Types of Insurance Fraud

Fraud can be committed against all types of insurance coverages, such as: 

  • Health insurance: Involves submitting false medical claims, billing for services not rendered, or exaggerating the severity of medical conditions.
  • Auto insurance: Includes filing claims for fictitious accidents, inflating damage repair costs or medical expenses for injuries, or staging vehicle thefts.
  • Homeowners insurance: Entails submitting fraudulent claims for damages or losses that did not occur, inflating the value of stolen or damaged items, or intentionally causing damage to one’s home.
  • Life insurance: This can occur when false information is provided to obtain a policy or when claims are filed for fraudulent deaths or injuries.
  • Workers' compensation: Involves employees faking or exaggerating injuries to receive compensation or employers misrepresenting payroll or job classifications to lower premiums.
  • Commercial insurance: Includes businesses inflating claims or committing arson to collect insurance payouts on commercial properties.
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Why Choose Flanary Law Firm, PLLC?

  • Constant Communication
    At our firm, we always want our clients to feel empowered when defending against criminal charges. We aim to constantly communicate with our clients, answering questions and taking feedback as we progress through the case. We are always here to answer your questions or adjust your legal strategy as needed.
  • A History of Results
    With multiple decades of experience between our attorneys, we have a history of proven results and happy clients. We always aim to get a criminal case dismissed or have the charges lowered to reduce any penalties our clients are facing. We are confident we can get you the results you deserve.
  • Experience You Can Count On
    At our firm, we pride ourselves on the diverse range of criminal cases we have worked on. From federal felony charges to state misdemeanors, we know exactly how to build a defense strategy that's right for you. Our team can handle even the most complex cases and are willing to be flexible with our strategies.
  • Advice on Your Timeline
    We understand that all criminal cases work at different paces. Whether you are just looking around for a lawyer because you're under investigation or you need immediate representation, our team can help. We will work with you no matter where you are in the process to protect your rights.
  • Free Initial Consultations
    We understand that hiring a criminal defense attorney is a big decision that many people need time to make. That's why we offer all our potential clients a free consultation to see if we're the right legal team for them. We will review your case and begin building a legal strategy to defend your rights.
  • Personalized Legal Defense Strategies
    All criminal cases are different, so our dense strategies are too. We would never re-use a legal strategy from one client to the next because your case is too unique. We will always build a defense strategy that's personalized and effective for you to get the outcome you deserve.

The Importance of Proving Intent

In insurance fraud cases, proving intent is crucial. The prosecution must demonstrate that the defendant acted with the willful purpose of deceiving the insurance company. This intent can be established through evidence such as false documentation, witness testimonies, or inconsistencies in the claimed events. Without clear proof of intent, it becomes challenging to secure a conviction, as honest mistakes or misunderstandings do not constitute fraud.

Potential Defenses for Insurance Fraud Charges

Defending against insurance fraud charges requires a robust legal strategy tailored to the specifics of the case. Defenses can include lack of intent, arguing that any inaccuracies or discrepancies were unintentional, and stemming from honest mistakes or misunderstandings.

Insufficient evidence can be used to contest the prosecution. This can show that the evidence presented does not conclusively prove fraudulent intent beyond a reasonable doubt. Other defenses can include duress or coercion, in which the defendant was pressured into committing fraud. Mistaken identity may be a defense and reliance on expert advice. If you followed the advice of insurance agents or other professionals, you may not have knowingly committed fraud.

Turn to Flanary Law Firm, PLLC for Competent Legal Representation

Facing insurance fraud charges without professional legal representation can significantly jeopardize your defense. Our legal team gives you the advantage of an intensive knowledge of the law. We can thoroughly analyze case details, assess evidence, and formulate a strategy to challenge charges. 

Our San Antonio insurance fraud attorneys bring strong negotiating powers to potentially reduce charges, secure favorable plea deals or secure case dismissals. We offer crucial support throughout your case to help manage the stress and complexities involved, always seeking the best possible outcome.

Reach us at (210) 899-7566 or connect online for legal guidance today.

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