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Criminal Defense Lawyers in San Antonio

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Whether you are a first-time offender or already have a criminal record, being charged with a crime is a stressful and frustrating experience. Navigating the criminal justice system on your own can be daunting, especially if you are facing a jail sentence and hefty fines. Everyone has the right to defend themselves in a criminal case, but the best way to reduce or remove the charges against you is to hire a criminal defense lawyer with experience in criminal law.

At Flanary Law Firm, PLLC, our team has extensive experience in a wide variety of criminal cases. From misdemeanors to felony charges, we know how to handle even the most complicated of criminal cases. When facing criminal charges, your future and your reputation could be on the line. Contact our law office today for a free consultation by calling (210) 738-8383.

What Can a Criminal Defense Attorney Do for Me?

When hiring a criminal attorney, it’s essential to understand exactly how one can assist you with your case. As your attorney, our team will work tirelessly to gather evidence on your behalf and build a defense case to present to prosecutors or in court.

While there are many things that a criminal lawyer can do, our team will always do the following:

Review and Investigate Your Case

To begin building your defense, we will take a look at all the facts of your case. This includes evidence against you, witness statements, victim statements, and any testimony you gave the police.

Develop a Legal Strategy

Your criminal case is unique, so our defense strategy will be, too. We will gather evidence in your defense and develop a solid legal plan to convince prosecutors, judges, and a jury to either dismiss the case or get you a not-guilty verdict in court.

Negotiate with Prosecutors

For some offenses, the best way to reduce the charges against you is by negotiating a plea deal with the prosecution. Our team will meet with prosecutors to discuss your case and determine whether a plea bargain is right for you.

Present Your Case in Court

Not all criminal cases go to trial. If yours does, our team will spend time building your defense case to present before a judge or a jury. We will gather evidence and witness statements on your behalf to defend your case.

Appeal a Conviction if Necessary

If you are convicted of a crime, you still have options. Our team can help you go through the appeals process to determine the validity of your conviction. If it is determined that you were convicted unlawfully, you may have another chance at a trial.

What Types of Cases Can a Criminal Defense Attorney Handle?

If you are facing any criminal charges, our team can assist you. We handle state charges and federal cases, including misdemeanor and felony charges.

Our team has experience in the following areas:

  • Assault
  • Sexual assault
  • Domestic violence
  • Robbery
  • Identity theft
  • White-collar crimes
  • Child abuse
  • Embezzlement
  • Marijuana-related crimes

And more. With our team of experienced criminal attorneys on your side, you can navigate even the most complex of criminal cases. To get started on your defense strategy, contact our office today.

When Do I Need to Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney?

Ideally, you should hire a criminal defense attorney immediately after learning there are charges against you. It is always in your best interest to have a lawyer on your side advocating for you and giving you legal advice throughout the process of your criminal case. Any criminal offense can have severe consequences, and navigating the justice system alone could lead to further penalties.

If you have not been formally charged but have been asked to speak to law enforcement, contact our team before meeting with them. While it is not required to have a lawyer present, any conversation you have with police officers can be used against you in a court case. It’s possible that officers are talking to you to gather information and evidence against you. With a lawyer from our team on your side, we can represent you and advise you on how to talk to law enforcement without implicating yourself.

What Are the Consequences of a Criminal Conviction?

The specific penalties of a criminal conviction depend on the nature and severity of the crime you are charged with. In many cases, you could be facing tens of thousands of dollars in fines as well as years or even decades in jail. While these are very real consequences that will impact your life, there are other implications of a criminal conviction that may affect you for years to come.

Many convicted criminals cannot pass a background check, making them unable to apply for jobs or find housing. Similarly, criminal records are public records, meaning anyone in your community can look up what you have been convicted of. These public records can make it difficult to form lasting relationships and can damage your personal reputation. If you’d like to avoid these consequences, contact our firm today.

Do I Need a Criminal Defense Attorney on My Side?

We understand just how stressful it can be to face criminal charges. At Flanary Law Firm, PLLC, we will work tirelessly to build a case in your defense to reduce or even remove the charges you are facing. We always aim to get your case dismissed or to reduce the penalties of a guilty verdict. Please don’t feel like you must fight for your rights on your own. Contact our law office today for a free consultation by calling (210) 738-8383.