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White-Collar Crimes Lawyers in San Antonio

Protecting Your Assets and Reputation

Being accused of any crime is a stressful and frustrating experience. White-collar crimes can be especially damaging, and a white-collar conviction can lead to severe consequences in both your personal and professional life. At Flanary Law Firm, PLLC, we understand just how important it is to build a strong defense case when working with white-collar accusations. That’s why our team of defense attorneys will work tirelessly on your behalf to get the best outcome possible.

For any white-collar criminal case, our goal is to negotiate with prosecutors to reach a plea deal or to develop a defense strategy for a verdict of not guilty in court. Using these strategies, our clients can move past their criminal accusations and return to their everyday lives as quickly as possible. A white-collar crime attorney on our team will take the time to explain all of your rights and the white-collar criminal defense strategy we will be using for your case. We strive to ensure that all our clients feel confident and in control when facing criminal charges.

If you are facing criminal accusations, hiring a criminal defense attorney is essential. Your freedom, job prospects, and personal reputation could be on the line, so don’t leave any of it up to chance. To learn more about our services and receive a free consultation, call our office today at (210) 738-8383.

What Are White-Collar Crimes?

White-collar crime is a broad term used for any illegal activity committed by business officials, government officials, or other professionals in their industry. Fraudulent activity, deception, and theft are often the main components of a white-collar crime. In most cases, the people committing these crimes do so for personal financial gain or professional advancement without using violence.

The most common white-collar crimes include the following:

  • Identity theft
  • Insurance fraud
  • Insider trading
  • Internet fraud
  • Extortion
  • Counterfeiting
  • Credit card fraud
  • Bankruptcy fraud
  • Blackmail
  • Bribery
  • Embezzlement
  • Healthcare fraud
  • Tax evasion
  • Securities fraud
  • Mortgage fraud
  • Money laundering
  • Intellectual property theft
  • Racketeering
  • Commodities fraud
  • Corporate fraud
  • Bank fraud

Being charged with any white-collar offense can lead to severe consequences, up to and including jail time and fines. The nature of your penalties depends on the charge itself and the severity of the crime. A criminal defense lawyer on our team will review your case and your alleged charges to determine the right defense strategy for you.

What Are the Potential Penalties for White-Collar Offenses?

While the exact penalties depend on your specific circumstances, the penalties for more white-collar crimes are severe. Hefty fines, jail time, restitution payments, forfeiture of property and assets, and probation are all potential consequences you may face in criminal court. Federal criminal charges often carry more severe penalties than state criminal charges do. If the victims of the crime feel like they are owed money, they could also sue you in civil court, demanding payment for things like lost profits or lost wages.

While these consequences are severe, a conviction can also damage your professional reputation. Many employers are hesitant to hire someone with a criminal record, and some employers will refuse to accept an application from a convicted criminal. Many offenders find it difficult to get a job after their release, especially a career in the financial field. It is always ideal to consult a white-collar crime lawyer to craft a defense and avoid these consequences. If you are facing criminal charges, call our law offices today to see how we can help you.

Should I Accept a Plea Deal When Facing Criminal Charges?

A plea deal, also called a plea bargain, is an agreement made between an accused party and the prosecution. In most cases, the accused agrees to plead guilty in exchange for a lesser sentence or less severe consequences. There is no clear-cut answer to whether a plea deal is right for you, and it often depends on the nature of your charges and your criminal case as a whole.

If you are facing criminal charges and have been offered a plea deal, a member of our team will review your case to determine whether accepting is the best path forward. In some cases, prosecutors will offer a plea deal if they know they cannot win against you in court, meaning accepting the deal likely would not be your best option. However, if you are facing severe charges and have been offered a deal that avoids prison time or hefty fines, then it may be in your best interest to accept it. If you have further questions about a plea deal in your case, contact our attorneys today for more information.

Do I Need a White Collar-Crimes Lawyer?

Although most white-collar crimes are non-violent, the law is very harsh on convicted white-collar criminals. In the world of white-collar crime, a criminal defense lawyer is your most valuable asset. White-collar charges are taken very seriously and can be pursued by the FBI, the IRS, and local law enforcement. Many judges use white-collar criminals as examples, handing down harsh penalties to dissuade others from following in their footsteps. With the right defense attorney on your side, you can begin crafting a legal strategy to reduce or remove the penalties you may be facing.

A skilled attorney on our team will help you navigate the complex legal system as you face your charges. We can assist you in negotiating with prosecutors, reaching out to witnesses, gathering evidence in your defense, and representing you in court before a judge. Don’t leave your freedom and your professional reputation up to chance. Contact Flanary Law Firm, PLLC today by calling us at (210) 738-8383.