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Facing criminal charges can be a stressful and alarming experience. Jail time, hefty penalties, restitution payments, and supervised release are all real consequences you could face if you are convicted of a crime. By hiring a criminal attorney to defend your case and advocate for your rights, you can protect yourself and reduce or even remove the penalties against you.

While it is technically possible to represent yourself in a criminal case, hiring an experienced criminal lawyer who knows how to navigate the legal system is always recommended. At Flanary Law Firm, PLLC, our lawyers have years of experience working on a diverse range of criminal defense cases. Whether you are facing federal criminal charges, state charges, or any combination of the two, our team has seen it all. We will fight for your rights and aim to get you the outcome you deserve, whether that’s by negotiating with prosecutors for a plea deal or defending you in court before a judge.

The criminal justice system can be harsh on convicted criminals, even if it is your first offense. Don’t leave your freedom and your personal reputation up to chance. Contact our law office today for a free consultation by calling (210) 738-8383.

What Does a Criminal Defense Lawyer Do?

As your criminal defense lawyer, a member of our team is there to walk you through every step of your case and defend you in court. There are many things our legal team can do for you.

As your attorneys, our team will do the following:

Investegate Your Case

After our initial consultation, our team will review every aspect of your case, including the evidence against you, your own statement, police reports, and witness testimonies.

Develop a Legal Strategy

No two cases are alike, so our legal strategies aren’t, either. After reviewing your case, our team will work to build your defense case and get you the outcome you deserve.

Negotiate with Prosecutors

In some cases, reaching a plea deal with prosecutors is the best way to move forward. If this is the case, our team will enter into negotiations to reduce or remove the penalties against you.

Defend You in Court

If your case does go to trial, our team will prepare a solid legal defense strategy to present before a judge. We will always aim to get your case dismissed or a verdict of not guilty.

Submit an Appeal

If you are convicted, our team can work with you through the appeals process. If a mistake was made during trial or a judge gave you a ruling unfairly, there is a chance you could go back to court for a new verdict.

What Kinds of Cases Can a Criminal Defense Lawyer Help With?

A criminal defense attorney on our team can assist you with any criminal offense. Whether you are a first-time offender or you already have a criminal record, our attorneys can help you.

We have years of experience in a diverse range of cases, including the following:

  • Marijuana charges
  • Sexual assault
  • White-collar crime
  • Domestic violence
  • Assault
  • Embezzlement
  • Identity theft
  • Robbery
  • Child abuse

Whether you are facing a misdemeanor or need defense in a felony case, our attorneys can help you. We know how to navigate the legal system and negotiate with prosecutors to get the outcome you deserve. For more information and legal advice, contact our office today.

When Should I Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney?

Ideally, you should hire a criminal defense lawyer as soon as you learn about the charges you are facing. Unfortunately, using a public defender or representing yourself in court rarely results in a favorable outcome. The sooner you reach out to an attorney on our team, the faster we can review your case and begin building a defense strategy to keep you out of prison and avoid hefty fines.

Police officers and prosecutors are allowed to use anything you say to them against you in court. While it may be tempting to reach out to law enforcement on your own, doing so can make it much harder to build a defense case later on. If you have been asked to speak to police or another member of law enforcement, reach out to our team today for assistance.

How Could a Criminal Conviction Impact My Life?

With any criminal conviction, spending time in jail and paying fines are almost always possibilities. However, there are other consequences that a conviction may have on your life.

Below are some of the other ways a criminal record can affect you:

  • Trouble finding a job. In many cases, employers are hesitant to hire people with criminal records. Many convicted criminals find it difficult to secure a job after they are released.
  • Trouble securing housing. Similar to employers, many landlords are hesitant to rent to individuals with criminal records. You may find it challenging to find safe housing.
  • Inability to own a firearm. After some criminal convictions, law enforcement no longer allows you to own or operate a firearm legally.

Should I Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney?

When facing criminal charges, hiring a criminal defense attorney is the best way to protect your rights and avoid jail time, fines, and other penalties. No matter what kind of charges you are facing, our team can help you develop a legal strategy to negotiate with prosecutors or defend you in court. Please don’t feel like you have to face these difficult circumstances on your own. Contact Flanary Law Firm, PLLC today by calling 312-847-4810 for a free consultation.